Hse standing rules

Legislation — Agenda

In January 2007, ReadtheBill.org respectfully requests that members of Congress do the following:

(1) Cosponsor the “72 hours online rule” reform resolution expected to be re-introduced in early 2007 by Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA)..
The top legislative priority for ReadtheBill.org is to get cosponsors for this resolution. During the previous, 109th Congress, this reform was H.Res. 688 and it attracted 36 cosponsors, including 34 Democrats.

House Democratic rules package holds the line

By Rafael DeGennaro, January 3, 2007 – 8:15pm.

House Democrats in Congress appear to have maintained current House rules regarding availability of legislation. The 17-page H.Res. 6 amends the standing rules of the House. But it contains no explicit amendment to the existing House rules on availability of legislation. This means there will be no change in the House three-day rule that prohibits consideration of any committee-reported bill or conference report until the “third calendar day” after it’s been made available to members. H.Res. 6 would close some loopholes in related rules pertaining to the text of conference reports (see below).