CNN Situation Room features (3/1/06)

CNN’s Situation Room’s Jacki Schechner featured and Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) in a nice short piece. Here’s a link to play it on Baird’s website (media player needed).


Excerpts follow:

CNN Situation Room
March 1, 2006

Jacki Schechner: Wolf, it is aptly named And the idea is to bring more transparency to government using the Internet. I spoke to the founder today. His name is Rafael DeGennaro. He was a congressional staffer for years. He’s now a registered independent.

He says the bottom line is a lot of big bills make it to the floor without enough people actually reading through them. He wants the public to have access to them. He’s working closely with Congressman Brian Baird, who has already introduced a resolution.

That resolution is called H. RES. 688, and it basically says that any piece of legislation, including those pesky little amendments that just seem to make it in there under the wire, have to be posted on the Internet for anyone to see for 72 hours before they ever hit the floor.