The Olympian (Olympia, WA): H.Res. 688 a "terrrific idea" (3/7/06)

House Resolution 688 is “a terrific idea that Congress should adopt as part of a comprehensive package to regain the public’s trust in the wake of corruption allegations.” makes top 10 public "Honesty List" (2/17/06)

This blog commends for taking action to fix the problem described by Rep. John Conyers in the film “Farenheit 9/11”

Investor’s Business Daily: "Make spending bills public 72 hours before" (2/3/06)

Among needed steps is “a firm policy of …making spending bills public 72 hours before final votes.”

Wall Street Journal: Insist on 3 days to read the bills (1/19/06)

This editorial does not speak to or endorse the 72 Online rule. But it argues that allowing time to read legislation might reduce the size and cost of government.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Kindergarten kids have more clue than Congress (1/4/06)

Written before was launched, this editorial describes the problem.

Radley Balko on Enthusiasm to pass laws threatens business and liberties (12/4/04)

This good piece from 2004 is worth a read. Balko praises the Washington Post op-ed by Rep. Brian Baird on this subject.

Josh Marshall on TPM: 3 days online may be good reform issue for Dems (11/28/04)

Marshall’s post from late 2004 is undecided. But he points out that this issue raises the question of whether Democrats can “start acting like a true opposition party.”

Julian Sanchez in ReasonOnline: Legislative cooling off period (11/23/04)

This great piece from a libertarian perspective connects Hayek’s “Iron Law of Oligarchy” with the need for a legislative cooling off period. It’s definitely worth reading the whole thing.

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