Joseph Galloway: What were they thinking?

By Rachel Sciabarrasi, August 13, 2007 – 11:31am.

A recent commentary by Joseph Galloway in the McClatchy Washington Bureau slammed Congress for passing a law to extend and expand intelligence surveillance capabilities. Calling it a “cave-in to Bush administration fear-mongering,” Galloway asks: “Did any of our legislators even bother to read the details of this law?”

Commentary: Congress escapes leaving NSA to eavesdrop freely
By Joseph L. Galloway | McClatchy Newspapers
August 9, 2007

Our representatives in the Democratic-controlled Congress left town after one final, cowardly cave-in to Bush administration fear-mongering by passing a law that not merely extended but expanded warrantless wiretapping that further encroaches on the rights of every American and further erodes our constitutional protections.

What were they thinking? Do they really believe that the voters in 2006 elected a Democratic majority to take over the Republican role of rubber-stamping whatever The Decider decides is right?

The last-minute, late night and Saturday sessions by a Congress more accustomed to leisurely four-day workweeks also begs the question of why the sudden rush to jam through some of the most important legislation to come before it with minimal discussion.

Did any of our legislators even bother to read the details of this law, wherein the Devil surely resides? Were they aware that buried in those details was language that delegates to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell authority to order up eavesdropping on broad categories of American citizens?

The new majority is as powerless as the old minority was, watching silently as the president, step-by-step, expands executive power at the expense of the other two branches, the legislative and judicial, and decides what laws to bend or break or ignore.