Take Action: Call Speaker Boehner and ask him to keep his word on Read the Bill

The House voted on a bill yesterday, which, while posted to the Internet on Tuesday morning, was not available for 72 hours or more. This violated public pledges by Speaker John Boehner and other House leaders to afford the public this amount of time to read bills prior to consideration.

Call Speaker Boehner now and ask him to honor his pledge in the future to keep bills online and publicly available for 72 hours before consideration.

While the bill technically meets the House Rules as passed in January, it was far from the 72 hour benchmark that Sunlight has advocated or that Speaker Boehner has pledged to support. The House Majority took an important step toward greater transparency by requiring that bills were publicly available for three calendar days before consideration, but this case shows how the current rules can be gamed without continued public monitoring and pressure.

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