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72 Online Endorsement List — FAQ

What exactly do endorsers endorse?
They endorse following statement:
“We support the 72 Online rule to require generally that legislation and conference reports be posted on the Internet for 72 hours before floor consideration in Congress.”

Does it imply their endorsement of H.Res. 688 or other similar legislation to implement the 72 Online rule?
No. Endorsers support the CONCEPT, not necessarily H.Res. 688. Moreover, some endorsers do not support or oppose ANY legislation.

Does it imply their endorsement of the views of on specific legislation or other matters?
No. The 72 Online Endorsement List is simply a general endorsement of a static concept. neither can nor wishes to associate all the endorsers with’s many activities in the fast-changing legislative arena.

What is included in the term “legislation and conference reports”?
“Legislation” refers to matters or measures on their first consideration on the floor of the Congress. “Conference reports” means the final House-Senate compromise. The term “legislation” does not refer to procedural “rules” in the House. As to exactly which types of legislation would be included, the general endorsement statement does not get into those details. (However, and H.Res. 688 use the exact same categories and exclusions as used in the existing “three-day rule” in the House and that is a good guideline.)

How is this list used?
This list is used to educate the news media, citizens and public officials about the breadth of support for the 72 Online rule. The list is maintained on the Web and also circulated via email and other means. As the list grows large, sublists for a state or issue area will be circulated, but they will be identified as sublists.

My organization would be just as happy if members of Congress read the bills (without posting them online), or if the time period were 48 hours, or if it just applied to conference reports and not legislation. Should we endorse?
No. “72 online” means 72 hours on the Internet for the general public to see. “Legislation and conference reports” means both.

I know an organization that should endorse. How do I add them?
Third-party endorsements are not accepted. Please contact the organization and urge an authorized person to make the decision and communicate it to directly.

My organization would endorse, but we want to condition our endorsement on the reform being carried out in a certain specific way, or with an amendment. How is such an endorsement handled?
Thank you, but the power of this list is its simplicity. The endorsement statement is simple and general, therefore conditional or amended endorsements are not accepted. If an organization feels strongly about specifics, then it may wish to express its views in other ways.

I carefully submitted my organization’s name to be added to the list but I don’t see it there yet. What’s the problem?
In order to maintain a high quality list, we check every submission to confirm that a person in authority at the organization has indeed endorsed on behalf of the organization. If we’re busy, it can take a little while. You should receive some confirmation when your organization is added to the list. If it’s been weeks, then email an inquiry.

What is the standard for an “organization”?
Organizations should be be established, ongoing, legally-constituted U.S. organizations, businesses, government bodies, etc. Informal chapters, future planned organizations, foreign organizations, etc. are not appropriate for listing. Endorsement should be decided by an authorized person in such organization.

Whom do you consider a “prominent individual”
We use judgment. Because this effort is in the realm of national politics and government, current and former prominent, national government officials are especially appropriate (such as former members of Congress or former presidential appointees in the executive branch). We are also especially interested in people with relevant expertise or experience or reputation. But well-known people from any walk of life may be considered. We strictly protect privacy of contact information.

I see a mistake on the list. What should I do?
Every attempt is made to maintain this list accurately. However, if you believe anything on it is inaccurate, then
please email: 72online |at|

My organization would like to be removed from the list. What should I do?
Please contact and your organization will be removed as quickly as practical. A written communication may avoid confusion and speed action.

How do I see which members of Congress have cosponsored H.Res. 688?
Visit the Library of Congress Thomas system here [1]

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES reserves the right to refuse, revise, remove or add back the listing of any organization or individual at any time. Among those that may be refused or removed are those whose nature or activities would distract from the purpose of the 72 Online Endorsement List. Organizations and individuals that do not believe in the American form of government, or that advocate or incite violence against other Americans, will not be listed.


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