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We welcome info about state-level rules & reforms

HOW TO SEND INFO ABOUT STATE-LEVEL RULES AND REFORMS welcomes receiving information about notable state-level legislative procedures and reform efforts. These should focus strictly on posting legislative documents online before their consideration. Please send by U.S. mail or email to states at readthebill .org. In the near future, will seek to share useful information. Thank you.

FOCUS ON CONGRESS IN EARLY MONTHS will focus in early months on bringing order to the chaos of the legislative process in the U.S. Congress. This is because Congress is most important and because staff know Congress.

In Congress, fights for 72 hours because: (1) it is consistent with the existing three-day rule in the House and certain rules in the Senate; (2) it is enough time to discover and sound the alarm about the worst provisions in a bill; and (3) it is a short enough time to be readily enforceable and not invite exceptions.

However, the principle of making legislation available online for an adequate period is obviously applicable to legislative bodies at the state and local levels of government. Some states may be good models, others may beg for reform.

Pennsylvania is an example of the latter. There, public outrage over abuses has prompted a package of reform proposals announced in December 2005 that would include provisions to combat “stealth” legislation.

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