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72 Online Endorsement List — About

Launched March 15, 2006 and maintained by, this is a list [1] of organizations and prominent individuals that have endorsed the following statement:
“We support the 72 Online rule to require generally that legislation and conference reports be posted on the Internet for 72 hours before floor consideration in Congress.”

Add your organization to the listnew submissions [2] (Note: organizations will be contacted to confirm their endorsement before they are added to the public list.)

View the listList [3]

Note: Those on the 72 Online Endorsement List do not necessarily support or oppose any legislation, nor agree with the views of or other endorers on specific legislation or other matters.

Endorsement List FAQFAQ [4]

To communicate with about adding or editing information on the list, please email:
72online |at|

or write us at:
325 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Suite 275
Washington, DC 20003-1148

Every attempt is made to maintain the list accurately. However, if you believe anything on it is inaccurate, please contact immediately.

For a list of members of Congress who are cosponsors of H.Res. 688, visit the Library of Congress Thomas system [5] and click on “cosponsors”.


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