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Reps. Bass & Flake support formalizing time bills available before floor

This letter urges a full debate reforms, including formalizing the duration of time … legislation is available for review before floor action is taken. The position in this letter is too weak, but indicates that there is interest among House Republicans in the general issue.)

Excerpts follow:

Congress of the United States
Washington, DC 20515
January 9, 2006

Dear Republican Colleague,
We urge you to consider the option of keeping your support for any of the open Leadership positions unannounced so that we might allow a full debate to occur over the future operations of our Conference.

Elections that appear to be foregone conclusions do not advance the reformist agenda many of us pledged to uphold to our constituents. Many of us have made public comments in support of:
*eliminating or severely reducing the use of earmarking and “emergency spending” designations in our appropriations bills.
*formalizing the duration of time votes are held open and legislation is available for review before floor action is taken; and
*disallowing the routine waiving of the rules against spending points of order.


Thus far, no candidate has appropriately addressed these and other much needed operational issues of the House of Representatives. We intend to ask the candidates to speak to them and urge you to join us.

Please contact our offices for more information on changing the status quo or to more formally join the call for a reformist agenda for the balance of the 109th Congress.


Charles F. Bass
Member of Congress

Jeff Flake
Member of Congress

(emphasis added)

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