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H.R. 5254 — Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act

NO PROCEDURAL OBJECTION. This bill has been available online for weeks and does not violate the 72 Online rule as it did when first considered and defeated in mid-May.

H.R. 5254 — Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act

Committee report(s): N/A

Pages to read: 10 (bill) + N/A (committee report) = 10 (total)

Dollar value: ?

Subject: Authorizes building of new refineries and reforms the process for permits.

Committee(s): House Energy and Commerce Committee

Committee report filed: None filed

Bill & report available online: May 8

72 hours elapsed from availability: May 11

Floor consideration: Scheduled for week of June 6-9.

H.R. 5254 was originally considered in May under “suspension of rules”, a procedure reserved for non-controversial bills. At the time, ReadtheBill.rog criticized the last-minute bill and urged its defeat. Indeed, at that time the bill did not receive the required two-thirds margin for passage “under suspension”.


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