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Measure Z in Napa County, CA: Make them read

By Rafael DeGennaro
Created 2006-05-31 13:21

In California, the Napa Valley Land Stewards Alliance is promoting Measure Z [1]. They call it the “Read and Understand Initiative”. It would require county supervisors to certify in writing that they have read proposed ordinances before voting in favor of them. It does not discuss Internet posting of such ordinances (I don’t know if they do that currently).

The organization’s mission includes: “To promote responsible and thoughtful stewardship, and the wise and sustainable use of privately owned land.”

Excerpt from the initiative text follows:

The Read and Understand Act

Now, therefore, the people of Napa County resolve and do hereby ordain that:

1) Each and every County Supervisor who votes to approve any new ordinance, regulation, or resolution shall first have thoroughly read and understood it, including its direct and indirect impacts on the citizens of Napa County, and shall certify in writing at the time of voting in favor of the ordinance, regulation, or resolution; and prior to its going into effect, that he/she has read it thoroughly and has thoroughly understood its direct and indirect impacts on the citizens of Napa County prior to voting to approve it.

San Francisco Chronicle
[2] of May 31, 2006 says the following:

The must-read law stems from the supes’ apparent failure a couple of years back to read a controversial land use law they passed. Voters later repealed it.

“We know the law is probably unenforceable,” George Bachich, of the Napa Valley Land Stewards Alliance, said of Measure Z. “We just wanted to send them a message.”

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