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Welcome. Join us and support the “72 Online” rule invites Americans of all political views: Help stop Congress from passing bills in the dead of night that nobody has read. America cannot afford this out-of-control spending and legislating. By Election Day, we will persuade Congress to post bills online for 72 hours before consideration on the floor of Congress. is a new national organization dedicated to one cause: make Congress post legislation online for 72 hours before it is considered on the floor of Congress. We call this the “72 Online” rule.

The 72 Online rule is needed because Congress has degenerated into chaos. The House of Representatives still has a rule on the books requiring proposed legislation be available to members for three days. But the House waives this rule routinely and rubber stamps huge bills in the middle of the night, clueless of their content or cost. Senate rules are fuzzier but the result is the same. This chaos in Congress costs every American. Provisions and giveaways slipped through Congress are one reason that the U.S. has a national debt of $8 trillion. These sneaky provisions also invite plain-old corruption.

Posting bills online for 72 hours before consideration is the single most powerful reform to change the way Congress operates. It’s also simple. Most working Americans must read certain papers to do their jobs. A short-order cook reads breakfast orders. An accounts payable clerk scrutinizes invoices. Amazingly, in the U.S. Congress, lawmakers do not believe they need to read laws before they pass! Americans know this is wrong.

Please support We want to get stuff done. The best way to fix the mess in Washington, DC is to break up the shadowy insiders game and let the sunshine in. We are not for or against any legislation on policy grounds. We just want a transparent process. We are non-partisan and philosophically independent of the two major parties. Everyone — Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, independents and all others — has good reason to support this reform.

Launched in January 2006, is on a roll. We’ve won respect [1] from the national media and support from newspaper editorials [2]. A diverse group of non-profit organizations and prominent individuals supports [3] the 72 Online concept. Most important, we’re backing a strong House resolution (H.Res.688) that has growing support from a bipartisan group of more than 25 cosponsors ((see list) [4].

Americans of all political perspectives can agree on this reform. Please join our cause, and bring order and dignity back to the U.S. Congress.

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