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FAQ — mystery bills

What is a mystery bill?
A mystery bill is a bill scheduled for congressional floor action that has not been posted on the Internet for 72 hours before it would be brought up for consideration. Read the exact criteria here [1].

Do weekends count for the 72 hours?
No. Read the exact criteria here [2].

So, wants members of Congress to vote against passage of mystery bills?
Exactly. urges members of Congress to vote NO if a bill is a mystery bill according to’s criteria. We understand that members may vote for some mystery bills sometimes, especially when Mystery Busters is new. But we expect that members will vote against the most egregrious and important mystery bills.

What if it’s a really important bill?
Then it’s even more important that someone read it properly, right?

What if it’s a minor, totally non-controversial bill?
Then it should be easy to start early and get broad agreement. There should be no reason to rush it through at the last minute. Besides, you never know what snakes hide in “non-controversial” bills.

Will look at the Senate floor as well as the House floor?
Eventually. But we’re starting with the House floor.

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