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About this site

This site is new and will improve. As we grow and have more resources, we hope to add discussion forums and other interactive features to the site. We may also provide a forum for discussing legislation moving in Congress. Please judge our policy and political work sternly, but be patient with this site’s features and functionality.

This site uses the CivicSpace content management system (CMS) developed by CivicSpace Labs [1]. CivicSpace CMS is built on top of Drupal [2], a thriving open-source content management and web-application framework. CivicSpace and Drupal are open source software shared under the General Public License (GPL).

Initial guidance and startup assistance with CivicSpace provided by Aldon Hynes of Smart Campaigns [3], which specializes in delivering cutting edge, open-source platforms to a wide array of individuals and organizations.

Donation processing and pages such as email signups and legislative actions are hosted by [4] (DIA), a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. DIA’s goal is to “make online advocacy tools accessible to all nonprofits in order to strengthen civil society by enabling people to connect, communicate, take action, and organize in a manner that is consistent with the highest principles of democracy.” DIA is an open source platform and embraces “a methodology that promotes an ethic of collaboration and philosophy of openness.”


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