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The top legislative priority for ReadtheBill.org is to get more cosponsors for H.Res. 504. Authored by Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), it was introduced June 20, 2007 with a bipartisan group of six cosponsors, and now has more.

H.Res. 504 would establish the 72 hours online rule. This resolution would require posting legislation and conference reports on the Internet for 72 hours before floor consideration.

H.Res. 504 would amend the standing rules of the House to update and strengthen the existing three-day rule in the House and close various loopholes. It would replace the obsolete, unenforceable, routinely-waived three-day rule it with the modern, tough, enforceable 72 hour online rule. Unlike the three-day rule, the 72 hours online rule would apply even in the final week of a congressional session, when the worst abuses occur.

Summary of Provisions (HTML)MS Word version
Full text of the resolution and other info (on the Library of Congress THOMAS system)
Standing Rules of the House of Representatives (What H.Res.504 amends — see rules XIII & XXII only)

Official list of cosponsors (on the Library of Congress THOMAS system)

Arguments for H.Res. 504
Arguments against H.Res. 504 (and ReadtheBill’s counterarguments)