It’s about power, not party

Submitted by Rafael DeGennaro on Mon, 2006-03-20 19:42.

This March 18, 2006 editorial from the Chronicle (Centralia, WA) endorses Rep. Baird’s resolution, H.Res.688. But it makes the excellent point that:

“The shortcoming in legislation disclosure works both ways politically. In our just-concluded legislative session in Olympia, for example, majority Democrats scheduled a vote on the supplemental budget just a day after reaching an agreement on it. Republicans say they learned about the agreement only from the news media.”

As a startup with limited resources, focuses only on Congress in 2006. Furthermore, my experience is with Congress and I’m not familiar with the Washington state legislature’s practices or politics. But this shows that where a party stands on transparency may depend mostly on whether it’s in the majority or minority.

Democrats will point out that current U.S. House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. David Dreier preached transparency during 1994 but then forgot about it when his party took over as the majority in 1995.

For the record, will push the 72 Online rule in 2007 no matter which party has a majority in Congress.