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H.R. 4939 — Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for FY2007

MYSTERY BILL OF THE WEEK (for the second week). As of Tuesday morning, June 2, 2006, the conferees have not met so there is no conference report to file or make available online. But conferees are scheduled to meet Tuesday evening, June 2 and GOP leaders plan for Congress to pass this bill this week, according to CongressDailyAM for June 6, 2006. It is not possible for the conference report to be available online for 72 hours by the end of the week, so Congress should oppose passage of this mystery bill.

H.Res. 504 — Summary of Provisions

Introduced by Rep. Brian Baird on June 20, 2007
Establishes the “72 Hours Online” rule in the House

Link to official info and text of resolution

“To require that legislation and conference reports be available on the Internet for 72 hours before consideration by the House, and for other purposes.“

Blue Dog budget reforms: Ensure Congress reads the bills

For the 110th Congress, the House Democratic Blue Dog Coalition has a 12-Point Plan for Budget Reform” that includes the following:
“9. Ensure that Congress reads the bills it’s voting on.”

The full plan follows:

The Blue Dog Coalition’s
12-Point Plan for Budget Reform

1. Require a balanced budget.

2. Don’t let Congress buy on credit.

3. Put a lid on spending.

4. Require agencies to put their fiscal houses in order.

5. Make Congress tell taxpayers how much they’re spending.

Legislation — Agenda

In January 2007, respectfully requests that members of Congress do the following:

(1) Cosponsor the “72 hours online rule” reform resolution expected to be re-introduced in early 2007 by Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA)..
The top legislative priority for is to get cosponsors for this resolution. During the previous, 109th Congress, this reform was H.Res. 688 and it attracted 36 cosponsors, including 34 Democrats.

House Democratic rules package holds the line

By Rafael DeGennaro, January 3, 2007 – 8:15pm.

House Democrats in Congress appear to have maintained current House rules regarding availability of legislation. The 17-page H.Res. 6 amends the standing rules of the House. But it contains no explicit amendment to the existing House rules on availability of legislation. This means there will be no change in the House three-day rule that prohibits consideration of any committee-reported bill or conference report until the “third calendar day” after it’s been made available to members. H.Res. 6 would close some loopholes in related rules pertaining to the text of conference reports (see below). letter to House Dec. 11, 2006: Democratic gut check


December 11, 2006

110th Congress, Day 1 — Democratic gut check this week:
Will Democrats try to WEAKEN the House three-day rule?
Will Democrats implement their promises for rules improvements?

Dear Representative:

The House Republican majority had a horrible record of waiving the existing House three-day rule (Rule XIII and XXII) that says no bill or conference report may be considered until the “third calendar day” after it is made available to members. Under the Republican majority, the House routinely rubber-stamped huge mystery bills that nobody had read properly. It was a symptom of their arrogance, complacency and sloppiness that developed during 12 years and prompted voters to give the Democrats a chance to run the House of Representatives. It is therefore discouraging that it is an open question whether on Day 1 of the 110th Congress, the first thing Democrats will try is to WEAKEN the three-day rule! And whether their second step will be to break their promises for rules improvements.

H.R. 5254 — Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act

NO PROCEDURAL OBJECTION. This bill has been available online for weeks and does not violate the 72 Online rule as it did when first considered and defeated in mid-May.

H.R. 5252 – Communications Opportunity Act

NO PROCEDURAL OBJECTION. This bill and its committee report, scheduled for consideration during the week of June 6-9, have been available online for more than two weeks.

H.R. 5432 – MINER Act

NO PROCEDURAL OBJECTION. This bill, scheduled for consideration during the week of June 6-9, has been available in its Senate form for over two weeks.

H.R. 5522 — Foreign Operations Appropriations for FY2007

MYSTERY BILL. The bill and report became available online on Mon., June 5 after 9:10 pm. Therefore, it is a mystery bill if it is considered before Thur., June 8 at 9:10 pm.