H.R. 5427 – Energy and Water Appropriations for FY2007

MYSTERY BILL. The 226 pages in the bill and committee report became available online over the weekend, so 72 hours will not have elapsed until late Wedneday night. If this $30 billion bill is brought up for consideration before Thur, May 25, the bill should be rejected. The House began consideration of this bill on Wed., May 24.

H.R. 5427 — Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for the Fiscal Year 2007

Committee report(s): H.Rept. 109-474

Pages to read: 48 (bill) + 178 (committee report) = 226 (total)

Dollar value: $30 billion in spending

Subject: Spending for energy and water development projects.

Committee(s): House Appropriations Committee

Selected actions: Subcommittee markup, May 11; Full committee markup, May 17.

Committee report filed: May 19, 2006 at 2:55 p.m.

Bill & report available online: Neither the bill nor committee report were available on Thomas or GPO as of 9:38 p.m. on Fri., May 19. Both were available online on Saturday morning. ReadtheBill.org will give the benefit of the doubt that the report became available at 10pm on Fri., May 19.

72 hours elapsed from availability: ReadtheBill.org does not count weekends or holidays in calculating 72 hours of availability. Therefore, the bill will have been available for 72 hours as of 10pm on Wed., May 24.

Floor consideration: Scheduled for Wed., May 24

If brought up for consideration before Thursday, the H.R. 5427 should be considered a mystery bill and rejected. However, the bill was brought up for consideration a day before that, Wed., May 25.