(#Days since organization launched)
(Day 1) January 17 — Civic Action successfully launches as an organization.

(Day 2) January 18 — Capitol Hill’s Roll Call newspaper writes favorable newspaper editorial saying 72 Online should be at the top of the reform list.

(Day 31) February 16 — Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) introduces H.Res. 688 in the House, a resolution to implement the 72 Online rule.

(Day 32) February 17 — makes top 10 public “Honesty List” in the respected Media Orchard blog. This is the highlight of much other favorable blog reaction.

(Day 44) March 1 — Washington Post federal page and CNN “Situation Room” feature website.

(Day 58) March 15 — Capitol Hill press conference with Rep. Baird and American Library Association to kick off’s 72 Online organizational endorsement drive and a cosponsor drive for H.Res. 688.

(Day 71) March 28 — H.Res. 688 has bipartisan group of 15 cosponsors of varying political perspective.