Glenn Greenwald highlights lack of time to read FISA bill

By Rafael DeGennaro, June 23, 2008 – 12:12pm

Blogger Glenn Greenwald focused June 20, 2008 on how little time House members had to read the FISA bill.

UPDATE IV: With less than 24 hours to read — let alone understand — what they were voting on, the Democratic-controlled House just passed the “compromise” FISA/telecom amnesty bill by a vote of 293-129. I’ll post the link to the roll call when it is available. As always, Republicans supported the bill virtually in lockstep, while Democrats split (105-128). Barack Obama managed not to express a view one way or the other prior to the vote (and still hasn’t). Nancy Pelosi spoke in favor of the bill, so the whole top layer of House Democratic leadership supported the bill. believes that House Democrats are slipping into some of the same bad habits for which they justifiably criticized the 1995-2006 House Republican majority.